It is a story of love for quality service and love for animals and nature.

I hope you become a part of it too. 

When anyone just mentions a plastic straw to me, the scene of a suffering turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose and pliers trying to remove that plastic straw keeps popping into my head. Nothing pleasant. And maybe very effectively, because from then on I make a more conscious decision with what and how I will drink my drink.

It all started even more seriously when I ventured into the restaurant waters and opened my (beach) bar. With the desire to have as little plastic as possible in the offer (we try to make it really high quality), my girlfriend and I set out to fight for an alternative.

We started with bioplastic straws, which unfortunately still give a (uncomfortable) feeling of plastic, continued with paper ones, which really soften too quickly, this season (summer 2019) we opted for bamboo washing straws, which most often "got their feet". and went their own way, and several times I noticed that people didn’t use them because they were washable. But, you don’t give up. You move on. Because it's about home. And this is just one. Coincidence (perhaps even fate) led us abroad to find straws that are completely natural.

They are made of bamboo fibers, which makes them really durable (even the temperature from -20 ° C to 100 ° C does not destroy their structure), but they are still tasteless. After use, you simply throw them in (organic or mixed) trash, where they completely decompose.

Besides, the straw is really beautiful. No artificial colors, completely natural.

There are various alternatives to plastic straws on the market, but this one is unique and is a product I really believe in.

The wish to import straws to Slovenia (also to Croatia) and present them to everyone who cares has come true and we have become proud ambassadors of the most nature-friendly straws. Best of all, you can use them now. Join our family, in which turtles do not suffer, and the offer also does not.

Because our turtle will always be a happy turtle.

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