To achieve sustainable development, we are looking for environmentally friendly solutions and we take care of the protection of the planet and the awareness of people about environmental issues.  


Pollution with plastic waste has a very negative impact on the environment and reaches a critical level. Pollution of the world's oceans is particularly problematic. The biggest problem is disposable plastic - among the most common are straws. More and more countries are therefore looking for measures to save our environment, which is suffocating under tons of plastic. The European Commission has thus adopted new rules at EU level banning the use of certain disposable plastic products, including straws.

Do you know?

      8 b

      The world's beaches are polluted by more than 8.3 trillion plastic straws

      320 m

      320 million tons of plastic are produced annually.

      8 m

      There are 8 million tons of waste plastic in the oceans

      200 y

      It takes 200 years for plastic straws to break down, but they never break down completely.

      20 %

      Only 20% of used plastic is recycled annually.

      100 m

      More than 100 million animals die each year from plastic pollution.

      Danger of microplastics

      Mikroplastika kot vir onesnaževanja povzroča posebno skrb, saj je okolje nasičeno z njo. Ker je drobna in lahka, je čistilne naprave v postopkih mehanskega čiščenja ne morejo popolnoma odstraniti. Pojavlja se v pitni vodi, zastruplja vodne živali in povzroča zdravstvene težave.

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      Green plastic

      In recent years, more and more eco-products have appeared on the market, advertised with the terms bio-based plastics (made from biomass - corn, potatoes, cereals, vegetable oils, secondary crops from agriculture, etc.) and biodegradable plastics (which degrade in different environments). ). Bioplastics are often also made from oil. The problem with bioplastic products, in addition to environmental issues, is that only this (if biodegradable) degrades only in a very specific environment.

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      YOLLY SLAMICE so naš korak v zeleno prihodnost. So popolnoma naravne, narejene pa iz bambusovih vlaken, pridobljenih iz obnovljivih nasadov bambusa. Te popolnoma biorazgradljive slamice so naš prvi korak k borbi za boljši jutri. 

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